WinRAR 7.01

1. Bugs fixed:

      a) updating an encrypted file in a solid RAR archive produced
         a corrupt archive if updated file was the first in archive,
         no password was specified when starting updating and file name
         encryption in the updated archive wasn't enabled;

      b) WinRAR 7.00 crashed after switching to "Flat folders view" mode
         from archive subfolder;

      c) switch -ep4 duplicated the specified path instead of excluding it
         when extracting;

      d) if archive created by Unix RAR version contained symlinks with
         path separator characters in target paths, these characters could be
         broken when modifying such archive with Windows RAR;

      e) invalid file name was displayed in file rename and file execute
         WinRAR error messages;

      f) SFX "Shortcut" command failed to recognize empty parameters
         defined like "Shortcut=D,"",folder", while correctly recognizing
         such parameters without quote marks like "Shortcut=D,,folder";

      g) volume reconstruction didn't work in WinRAR.exe if "rc" command
         was specified with .rev file, such as "WinRAR rc arc.part1.rev".
         Unlike RAR, WinRAR required to use only .rar file name here.

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